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Work Packages
WP 1-2-3 Preparation and Project Management

During the preparation it was our aim to establish an multidisciplinary and integrated project on Natura 2000 and Tourism with a multitude of relevant partners who have widespread knowledge and skills in nature conservation, tourism and recreation, management, participation and different survey techniques. Meetings in Bozen, Munich, St. Pölten and Vienna had happened to develop the work packages and to finalize the applikation form.

The Project management will focus on effective coordination between the partners, sub-contractors, other involved actors, common activities and reporting. Another function is the integration of the results of each single WP and the representation of the project.

Each partner has defined a project manager to organize their activities, to ensure an adequate ongoing, good quality of contents, reports in time and exchange of results.
A project plan and contracts between the partners had defined the rights, the tasks, deadlines, a time schedule and financial aspects. The work package Coordinators are responsible for co-ordination and accomplishment of research targets, information on required measures for supporting the work, and reports on work flow, costs, problems.

WP 4 Information and Publicity Activities
The main objective is an applied dissemination process of the project’s results to various end users like the tourism sector, administration, local communities, planners and stakeholders to communicate the main findings, and the newly developed planning framework to actors in other regions with similar conditions.
According to the objectives the following activities are planned:
public presentations in the participating regions,
a symposium in one of the partner countries,
manuals for presentations and information, e.g. for administration, the tourism branch and associations on nature conservation,
publications in professional journals,
initiation of sustainable events in the case study regions to disseminate the idea of the project.

WP 5 Comparison of Tools and Guidelines on Natura 2000 Management Plans

Systematic compilation, analysis and comparison of national information and guidelines concerning Natura 2000 management plans are the first step in this work package. Already existing management plans will be evaluated in order to identify best practice examples, actual weaknesses and strengths.
The results will be presented in a meeting. Interviews with experts and an analysis of actual management plans concerning recreation and the participation will complete the survey.

We are expecting the following out comes:

  • Identification of the special demands of management and participation in crossborder alpine Natura 2000 areas,
  • List of demands, framework and tools concerning tourism involvement, participation
  • Awareness of conflicts and future tasks
  • Strategies for the management in alpine Natura 2000 areas with special consideration of tourism concerns,
  • Criteria for the evaluation of the actual situation and actual management plans, exchange of know-how.

WP 6 Test Management Plans

For a transferable collaborative planning process with regional adaptations for Natura 2000 management plans first suitable test sites with a need visitor management need to be found. To start we have to identify local partners, especially representatives of the tourism branch. We will test the developed methods of WP 7 and WP 8. The process will be guided continously by a steering committee and the project partners to ensure their efficiency, the practicability and the transferability.

The selected test sites are:

  • in Italy:
  • in Austria:
  • in Germany:
  • in Slovenia:

We expect the following outcomes:
Cooperative developed Management plans in Natura 2000 areas
Development and test of new efficient planning tools especially for data collection, participation and monitoring solutions for typical problems in alpine protected areas with high tourism impacts basis for checklist for end users and the practical manual exchange of technical know-how and the collaborative process transferable information material, presentations and brochures.

WP 7 Recreation and Tourism Concerns

One crucial point is the analysis of the significance of tourism in the test sites. Its concerns and impacts will be defined. A cost effective tool has to be developed to quantify this relation and to plan management activities. It will ensure that the tourism branch is integrated properly.
In addition to the traditional survey methods in management plans we will develop new tools to describe the actual situation and significance of tourism e.g.:

  • GPS and electronic surveillance technologies,
  • aerial photos and
  • statistical modeling.

Further important aspects are

  • continuation permits,
  • planning reliability,
  • the handling of interferences in nature and
  • dislocation potentials.

Key data for tourism infrastructure (see WP 8), patterns of tourism utilisation and carrying capacities of natural balances are necessary.

WP 8 Crossborder participation and participation methods
The objective is to design a modular concept of participation. Focus is on cross border cooperation and the participation of the local tourism branch. Therefore difficulties associated with the tourism concerns and the spatial spread and the opportunities offered by the internet will be surveyed.
Expected output of this WP is a participation instrument which offers a targeted set of modules for an effective consideration of the different concerns and their integration in the management plans.
WP 9 Framework for the management in Natura 2000 areas with high touristic use
The output of this WP is a résumé over all previous WP. Product is a framework and brochure with detailed checklists for each part of the planning process to faciliate the process and to ensure a collaborative process
description of the experiences in the test sites, description of cost effective tool for data collection simulation of visitor flows and monitoring
tools for integrative visitor managment tools to supports the decisions making planning process.
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WP 1-2-3 Preparation and Project Management
WP 4 Information and Publicity Activities
WP 5 Comparison of Tools and Guidelines on Natura 2000 Management Plans
WP 6 Test Management Plans
WP 7 Recreation and Tourism Concerns
WP 8 Crossborder participation and participation methods
WP 9 Framework for the management in Natura 2000 areas with high touristic use